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Windows 10 beta build 14367 brings ‘start fresh’ option to clean off crapware

Last night Microsoft released the latest beta test version of Windows 10 for those on the Insider Fast ring. Build 14367.rs1_release.160613-1700 brings the beta version of Windows 10 up to Version 1607 (OS Build 14367.0). If you’re counting, 14367 was released just two days after 14366. The timestamp says that the build was constructed on June 13 and released on[Read More…]

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Microsoft acknowledges permission problems with MS16-072 patches

By Woody Leonhard

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Patch Tuesday: IE/Edge share exploit, Windows 10 advances to build 10586.420

This month’s Patch Tuesday patches mostly fall into the milquetoast vein: Of 16 security bulletins, only five are marked “critical” and only one has a known exploit. Windows 10 cumulative update 13, KB 3163018, brings the latest release version 1511 up to build 10586.240. This is mostly ho-hum stuff. But there are a couple of disconcerting surprises. Microsoft slipped another[Read More…]

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Windows 10: How to disable Cortana

IDG.TV | Jun 14, 2016 Cortana wants to be helpful, but that means she can be nosey about what you’re doing online. Turn off these settings to get her off your case.

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Windows 10 beta build 14366 features Edge extension

Last night, Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 beta build for Insiders in the Fast ring. Build 14366 has, to a first approximation, exactly nothing new — except for an Edge extension. Yes, there are speed improvements to the Store. Yes, the Recently added list appears above Most used in the Start menu. But those are nits. Bug fixes and[Read More…]

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The Full Nerd Episode 2: Fer real? $1,723 for a CPU and just $200 for the Radeon RX 480?!

IDG.TV | Jun 14, 2016 This week Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos and Hayden Dingman are in shock and awe over Intel’s new $1,723 CPU, and AMD’s $200 GPU that promises $500 of performance. The gang nerds over Asus’ new Avalon concept and take your questions.

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Review: SQL Server 2016 boosts speed, analytics

Microsoft calls SQL Server 2016 the “biggest leap forward” in the 27-year evolution of the SQL Server database. As we’ll see, despite the excess of hype, the SQL Server 2016 database offers enterprises a number of attractive new capabilities, including built-in R analytics, querying of external Hadoop and Azure data stores, and neat management and data security features. Further, SQL[Read More…]

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5 free apps that add cool Windows 7 features to Windows 10

By Howard Wen Network World | Jun 13, 2016

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Windows 10: How to return to Windows 7 or 8

IDG.TV | Jun 10, 2016 Windows 10 gives you 31 days to go back to your prior Windows version. Whether you’ve changed your mind or you were forced into the upgrade, here’s how to get your old life back.

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Windows 10 beta build 14361 closes in on the final Anniversary update, but problems remain

Yesterday Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 beta, build 14361, 10.0.14361.0.rs1_release.160603-1700. The About Windows box (type “winver” in Cortana) says we’re up to Version 1607 (OS Build 14361.0), thus confirming that Microsoft expects to ship the final version next month — which should come as a surprise only to a few goatherds in the Gobi Desert. I had a chance[Read More…]

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