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Quantized Bit, makers of the fun Volt [$0.99] and Prison Run and Gun [$1.99], are working on the 2D action game Hot Guns, and they’re getting ready to do a TestFlight beta. But first, why should you care? Well, this thing’s got loads of explosions, exploding helicopters, pixel art and all the fun stuff that you want from an action game. Oh, and the iOS version’s going to have MFi controller support.

Sounds like fun. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, with plans for an iOS release at the game’s completion. Sorry, Android users – too many people pirated Prison Run and Gun to make an Android version viable for the developers. Once the mobile interface is locked down, a mobile beta is going to happen, so do keep an eye on the forum thread for the game to participate if you’re so inclined.

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