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Supercell has announced that a balance update is hitting Clash Royale [Free] on Tuesday, June 21st, and it will finally nerf the Hog Rider. That’s right, this one-track force of destruction is getting its damage decreased by 6%. Supercell’s reasoning:

Hog Rider is currently the top choice for tower destruction! While we really enjoy seeing more offensive and action-packed games, we’d ideally like to see a bigger range of offensive cards used. The first step to achieving this is toning down the Hog Rider a notch. The second step is making some of the lesser-used offense cards more enticing.

Boom. But don’t laugh too much yet – the X-Bow is getting buffed, as apparently Supercell realized they nerfed it to the point of oblivion, with “Deploy time decreased to 4sec (from 5sec), hitpoints increased by 18%.” Oh, and the Mortar’s getting buffed with deploy time decreasing to 4 seconds from 5 seconds. The Prince is also getting a 9% damage increase to help increase the card’s usage in high levels. A whole bunch of cards are getting altered, so check out the whole list, and prepare for the big balance update on Tuesday.

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