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If you enjoy fast, top-down racing games that remind you of the classic Micromachines V3 game, then Battle Cars was probably made for you. The upcoming game from Dracoders wears its Micromachines influence on its sleeve (or the game’s forum page) and aims to bring real-time multiplayer fun to iOS and Android. The game has the characteristic top-down camera view of classic racing games and comes with 10 tracks, various power-ups, fully upgradeable cars, a career mode, and 4 weapons with which to gently hinder your opponents’ progress.

The feature that I’m more excited about is, of course, the online real-time multiplayer mode because this type of racing games are all about competing with other players. The multiplayer part will be cross-platform once the Android version releases. The game also has same-device multiplayer if you want to humiliate friends in the same room as you. The game should release next week, so keep an eye out if you’re looking for some racing; hopefully the cars will handle well.

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