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Samsung announced brand new curved monitors to meet the demands of the highly competitive tech market, as well as the gaming department.

Previously limited to optimal viewing experiences in home entertainment systems, in terms of movie viewing and the like, Samsung is branching out to meet a broader perspective in the gaming industry, competing against brands like Dell and Asus.

To initialize its expansion, Samsung recently partnered with gaming giant, EA Games, to further establish its foothold in the gaming sector. EA Games’ separate presentation from the E3 convention, situated just beside the latter’s location in Los Angeles, employed Samsung’s curved monitors to promote its upcoming titles, Madden NFL 17, FIFA 17, and Titanfall 2.

Both companies have also promised to deliver exclusive packages for consumers who purchase the monitors between June and September this year. Samsung and EA Games are offering bundled promotions that include single copies of previous EA game titles like Need for Speed, FIFA 16, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 4, depending on the availability in different regions.

“Promotion participants will receive a promo code on their receipt, via email and/or through the Samsung website. This code can be redeemed for the free game download through the EA Games website,” explains the official Samsung press release.

To set its gaming monitors apart from currently available screens, Samsung is launching three curved monitor variations, CF390, CF391, and CF591, each equipped with a sharp radius of 1,800 millimeters, or 31.5 inches. This curvature design closely follows the natural shape of person’s eye to reduce the strain encountered from longer viewing times, perfect for extended gameplay.

Furthermore, Samsung’s latest curved monitors have a flicker-free display, as well as an Eye Saver Mode that protects a user’s vision from the harmful blue light emissions emitted by monitors.

Along with these features is a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, which should be able to produce more solid blacks and minimal light leaks from its screens. This further brings out the visually compelling art styles found in most current gen titles today.

All three monitors can support resolutions of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels on its panoramic displays, shipped in 27 inches for the CF591 while the CF390 has 23.5 and 27-inch variations.

These monitors are also powered by AMD’s FreeSync Technology Over HDMI, which perfectly complements the latest AMD Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), further optimizing the screen’s refresh rate to “reduce input latency, stutter, and lag.”

More details regarding bundled promotions can be accessed through the Samsung website, as well as, relevant information from EA Games and the ongoing EA Play 2016.

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