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T-Mobile just recently unveiled the Uncarrier 9 strategy, which included the addition of Business plans for just $15 a month, as well as their new Un-contract initiative which aims to keep customers at their current rates with their current amount of data no matter how the plans changes through the ages. This basically means that customers will be able to keep promotional pricing on plans even after they’re no longer offered and would normally revert back to the regular price. In addition, customers on those plans or plans with promotional amounts of data, will never lose that amount so long as they stay with the plan and feature they have without making any changes themselves.

This is a good set of new things coming from T-Mobile, as per usual with their new offerings that follow every Uncarrier announcement. The question is, how long can T-Mobile keep the momentum going with the Uncarrier branding for new changes and offerings on the network? After 9 total Uncarrier events being used to announce new changes, the branding has to fee like it’s getting a little bit stale for some customers. As a T-Mobile customer myself, I generally enjoy learning about what comes along with new Uncarrier strategies, but isn’t about time to turn Uncarrier into something else? Don’t get me wrong, the things that Uncarrier includes with each new segment need to continue. This is part of what makes T-mobile so great in recent times. After at least two years of calling things by the Uncarrier name though, perhaps it’s time for a change up. Something fresh for the branding might do T-mobile some good to recapture the attention of potentially uninterested customers.

People are already aware that T-mobile is doing things differently, which is part of the reason for the association of the Uncarrier “title” in the first place, because T-Mobile wanted people to know they were trying to be different than other carriers. They’ve accomplished this task many times over, and they’re making some otherwise groundbreaking changes in the mobile industry while also adding more value to the idea of what a wireless carrier should be and should be offering to their customers. Taking into this consideration, the term “Uncarrier” feels a little bit dated now, at least to me personally. What Uncarrier is bringing to the industry is excellent, but a nice new name for the strategies going forward might not be such a bad idea. It can reacquaint people with the fact that T-Mobile has lots to offer and that they can change and evolve just like everyone else, even with something as simple as branding.

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