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Back at the start of the week we began to hear a rumor that the HTC One M8 on T-Mobile might be beginning to see its Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update rolling out. This came via a Redditor who had started reporting their device had received the update. Although, since then we have had little confirmation from other users reporting a similar experience in the U.S. That said, it does seem that the Lollipop update is indeed en route to T-Mobile One M8 users.

The current information is certainly much more authentic than previous reports, as it comes from the now-known HTC source of all information, VP of Product Management Mo Versi. Like all his notifications, the current news came through his Twitter feed (source link below) which stated that TA (Technical Approval) had been granted for T-Mobile’s HTC One M8. As a result, Lollipop can and will be released to the carrier specific One M8. If you are on T-Mobile and wondering when, then Versi notes the roll-out will begin starting from this Monday. As always with these things, these roll-outs tend to be slow going at first and quite sporadic, so you should not expect to see the update reaching you first thing on Monday morning. Instead, it would be much wiser to expect the update will land in the hours and days following Monday.

In terms of the HTC One M8, it does seem T-Mobile were beaten to the punch on this occasion, as Sprint were noted beginning their Lollipop roll out yesterday. Not to mention, HTC in general, have been constantly pushing out Lollipop consistently to random variant and country-specific devices over the last few days. This obviously came after reportedly admitting that they were going to miss their initial ninety-day self-imposed deadline. Either way though, it does now seem that the HTC On M8 updates are coming thick and fast. If you do own a HTC One M8 and on the T-Mobile network then make sure to let us know during the week, when you start to see the update arrive. Get ready T-Mo One M8’s, Lollipop is coming.

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